How To Alter The title of JOptionPane

Java For Mobile Game Development

In the present world, Android dominates the Smartphone operating system. In addition, statistics posted on various websites say that Google Play Store offers more games and apps that Apple Play Store. This trend shows that many developers prefer coming up with games and apps for the Android platform.

For the android games and apps, the developers have the option to write in C, C++ or java. However, java is the official language that is used to develop games and apps for Google’s mobile operating system. Google also recommends developers to android games and applications in java. Many programmers also find it easy to write mobile games in java than other programming languages. The following are reasons as to why many developers prefer writing mobile games in java language:

It Is A Multi-thread Programming Language

Game developers prefer using programming language that supports multithreading fully. Multithreading supports performance of several tasks concurrently within a single program. This makes it easy for mobile users to play mobile games that are written in java while performing other tasks such as browsing and reading emails. Also the users are able to switch from one task to another seamlessly.

It Facilitates Cross Platform Game Development

Unlike other programming languages, java enables developers to port applications from one platform to another seamlessly. The programmers are able to write mobile games in java once and run them in multiple devices without recompiling the code. Therefore, the developers can build an initial mobile game for android operating system and reuse the same code for other mobile platforms.

Developers Are Able To Build Flawless Games

Mobile games like applications need to work flawlessly and deliver richer user experience to become popular and profitable. Unlike other programming languages, java enables programmersto idebtify and eliminates coding error early and quickly. Programmers can further take advantage of java compiler to detect error occurring at the time of code execution.

Features Found In Java 2 Micro Edition

Developers are able to take advantage of java features such as dialog boxes if you want to quit the game or continue. This is a joptionpane example because it will give you an option of either ok or cancel in the dialog box that appears on your screen. In addition, there are other features of Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) that developers take advantage of to create games and apps for constrained devices.

Game Development Tools

Developers are able to avail a number of tools to build both 2D and 3d games in java. For example, the use of advanced 3D game engines like jmonkeyEngine to build 3D worlds that is stunning. These tools boost the performance of java in a significant way and also help the developers to port the games to different platforms.

These tools also include the integrated development environment such as Eclipse and NetBeans, joptionpane among others. Creating simple modal dialog is a joptionpane example that is used in building mobile games and application.